ftp server for redhat 9

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ftp server for redhat 9

Postby Saadi » Thu May 15, 2003 4:11 am

anyone know where I can get ftp server (wu-ftp style package) for redhat 9? the rhn site doesn't carry it. only tftp is available. seems like they have not included this package with the rh9 distribution.

Help! thanks!
Aziz Khawaja
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Lance Naik
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Postby nafri » Sat May 17, 2003 1:16 am

for a list of ftp servers (and related software) check this page from one of many linux software directories:

http://www.icewalkers.com/Linux/Softwar ... vers/1690/

click on "details", and then on the download link to get your selected software.


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Postby fawad » Sun May 18, 2003 9:06 pm

RH includes vsftpd (package by the same name). Not quite as featureful as wu-ftp, but secure as heck. Do try it out. For a balance between features and security, go with proftpd (package not included in RH). I'd avoid wu-ftpd like the plague.

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