lilo prob

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lilo prob

Postby skswati » Sun Jun 15, 2003 9:03 pm

i installed red hat 9 with boot option
start =dos
and boot loader=lilo
now when i restart the it dont give me boot option and when i load it from floppy which i created using redhat setup it says can not load chk floppy disk now tell me what to do???
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where u did write the lilo...on MBR or 1st sector of linux p

Postby farhanksa » Mon Jun 16, 2003 1:18 am

where u did write the lilo...on MBR or 1st sector of linux prtition..??
i think u had written on 1st sector of partiton

any how put in the botable cd and boot from cd..
write linux rescue at the prompt
it will find the linux partition.
write chroot /mnt/sysimage will mount ur linux partitoin..
now type the command mkbootdisk it will make a bootable floopy as it seems that ur previous floopy is damaged......
i suggest u complete format the floopy using win98.. thenuse it for linux
use that floopy next time to boot..

other option is to edit ur lilo configuration file
cd /etc
vi lilo.conf
u need some experties to do it .. pls search the forum as it had been posted lots of times previously

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