an exceptional case in instalation

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an exceptional case in instalation

Postby farhanksa » Sat Jul 05, 2003 3:18 pm


one o fmy friennd had a server with the scsi cd-rom.., and the cdrom is not its very old now :) :P it does allow me to boot from the cd-rom to install but cannot go longer with installation..cant read cd well.

another problem is the harddisk on which i tried to install is also scsi but of different type its not scsi-2 (i mean 50 pin or 64 pin) its hot swap plug in.. thats y i had to use the same server for the instalation..

i attached the ide cdrom with the server and tried to lookin bios for booting from dont support bootin from ide cdrom.only u can boot from scsi cdrom.. i copied the rh7.3 cd#1(after trying lots of tricks) in the scsi.hd and tried to find the hd.img to boot from floopy and install from the hardisk..but i was not successful....
if any one can pls tell me how can i put up with the instalation script of rh 7.3..

how can i now install the rh7.3 who cdis already copied in the ext2 partition and as well as in fat32 partition in the same harddisk...

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Postby newbie » Sun Jul 06, 2003 6:56 am

first make 3 iso images of all 3 cds
dd if=/dev/??? of=name.iso
dd if=/dev/hdc of=/root/redhat1.iso

cat /dev/hdc > /mnt/windows/redhat2.iso

now make a bootable flopppy using boot.img file (not hd.img).
when it asks for installation media select your scsi drive on which you have iso's . then further select your partition and then type the path of the directory on which you have all three iso images.
like if you have selected /dev/sda1 and iso images are in /iso directory then simply give
and it doesn't matter you have them on fat32 or ext partition but they must be inside one directory.
and remmeber its procedure for only Redhat 7.3 and 8.

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