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Some usefull Tips 'N' tricks

Postby Mustafa » Fri Jul 11, 2003 7:02 am

Change your screen resolution quickly
The quickest way to change your screen resolution is by pressing Ctrl-Alt and either the + or - key at the same time. Using the + key cycles forward in your X configuration file and the - key cycles backwards.
Monitor your system log in real-time
You can monitor your system log in real-time, and can even choose what you want to monitor. Open a terminal window, change to Super User by typing su- and entering the password. To monitor all of the logfile, simply type tail -f /var/log/messages If you want to monitor only part of the log entries, such as a firewall DENY entry, you would use tail -f /var/log/messages | grep DENY*
Recover your lost partitions:
Although there are a lot of utilities and softwares to recover your lost partitions. but you have to purchase them otherwise they are not providing you all the important functions. I lost my 60GB partition(fat,linux,ntfs) table accidently. i serached for a Partition recovery software to recover my lost partition table. but all in vain althoug i got a series of sofwares/utilites from the internet but most of them were demos and they were not satisfying. after a long time search i got a freeware utility(TestDisk) for partiton recovery. may be you know about it or not but it is very usefull and easy too. TestDisk checks the partition and boot sectors of your disks.
It is very useful in recovering lost partitions.

It works with :
- FAT12
- FAT16
- FAT32
- NTFS (Windows NT)
- EXT2FS/EXT3FS (Linux)
- Linux Swap (1 & 2)
- IBM Multiboot
- BeFS (BeOS)
- ReiserFS (1 & 2)

. TestDisk runs under:
- Dos, Win9x
- Linux
- FreeBSD
you can download from the hompage of the TestDisk:
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