New Problems

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New Problems

Postby Zaheer » Thu Oct 23, 2003 11:08 pm

I got some problems.Plz help me regarding these problems.

1.I have downloaded Yahoo Messenger and Installed it succesfully but when I sign in it only shows connecting.then......nothing happens afterward just connecting.Browsing and Downloading is cool but msnger not work.....

2.How can I run MP3's and AVSEQ format files.

3.Installed Amsn and installed but I cant see it anywhere in my PC.

4.How can I run .tar.gz like files and how can I install them ...I downloaded Prayer time but How it works.

help plzzzz
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Postby outstream » Fri Oct 24, 2003 1:10 am


I am a newbie myself, but i`ll do my best to help u out dude. ok lets start step by step.

1. I dont know about yahoo messenger. I havent used yahoo messenger in Linux, But i have used Gaim to use yahoo messenging service. its good and its easy to install and it supports many IM services that an ordinary user uses in Pakistan. You can connect to msn,yahoo, icq etc etc. you may get it from

2. you can run mp3 files in xmms, its a utility that comes with ur linux. how ever to run mp3 files in xmms, you have to download and install mp3 plugin for it. u may get it from ... 1.i386.rpm

after downloading this rpm, cd to the directory and issue command

rpm -Uvh xmms-mpg123-1.2.7-21.i386.rpm

Done, hopefully ur mp3 files will work now.

3.Amsn is residing in the directory where u extracted it. if u want to run amsn (and if u have installed it correctly), you can do this by typing ./amsn or wish amsn on ur terminal window.
If u want to launch amsn from your desktop. then u have to make a new launcher. right click on ur desktop, select new launcher or some thing like that, i dont remember right now. after selecting new launcher another dialogue box will open. in the command entry there, give the path to ur amsn. for example in my machine amsn is in /home/msn/ i wrote /home/msn/amsn in command entry there...leave the comments entry and generic entry..and in another name entry u may write msn or amsn, what ever u want.

4. when u download any source in .tar.gz format. first extract it by

tar xvzf filename.tar.gz

this will extract the contents of .tar.gz file in the directory with same name as the name of .tar.gz file. after it has finished extracting, u can see the directory name in terminal window too. ok after this installing part comes, well at this time u shuld try to go to the extracted directory and there, hopefully, u will find some help files on installation. usually names of these files are self explanatory. for example..install, faq, readme etc etc. open any one of them in ur favourite viewer/editor and try to follow the install instructions given there.

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Thanks Brother

Postby Zaheer » Fri Oct 24, 2003 10:12 am

How can I connect my Yahoo and MSn on Gaim.Plz guide me
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Postby slick » Fri Oct 24, 2003 12:10 pm

by avesq? i think you mean .dat can use mplayer to play all sorts of files..look up its installation, dont be hasty..get all the plugins first :), gaim..i dont think has the new msn proto support yet...try some other messengers. there are quite a lot of them out there ..and good as well..
i use centericq for my aim and yahoo needs..
msn i dont use that much but i have amsn which does fine..
if you want them all in one you can use kopete
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Postby Faraz.Fazil » Fri Oct 24, 2003 1:23 pm

Mr Zaheer,

Please search the forum before you post.
Most of your questions have already been answered on this forum.

1.For yahoo messenger, make sure u are using the latest version.
Yahoo made some changes to their protocol and old versions even those for windows dont work.The latest versions do work.So make sure you are using the latest version.

Also If Yahoo Im , does not work, Use Gaim for linux or Kopete

download from

Both are quite good

2.To run multimedia files in linux, Use XMMS for audio files (including mp3) and Use Mplayer or Xine for video files.

I have already explained how to play multimedia files in linux in many threads.Seearch the forum!

Here are some thread in which i explained this: ... ht=mplayer

As i explained in that thread:


Q-2) MP3 Support:
New versions of xmms dont come with mp3 support by default due to copyright .Worry not.You can still play mp3 files with xmms.All you need to do is to download and install the xmms-mp3 plugin.

Once you download and install the xmms mp3 plugin rpm, xmms will play mp3 files perfectly and your music life will be back to normal.

Q-3) Playing multimedia /video files in linux.
You can play any type of movie formats in linux.Yes its possible.All you need is a good video player for linux.The two good ones are mplayer and xine.
All you need to do is to download the mplayer /xine rpm files from their official websites.

Download all the files in rpm format.I have given the download links of all the mplayer and xine files that u need to download an install below:

The files needed are:

FOr mplayer:
========= ... noarch.rpm ... 1.i386.rpm ... 1.i386.rpm

For xine:

Download and install thr rpms from

Files required: ... 1.i386.rpm ... 1.i386.rpm ... k.i386.rpm ... k.i386.rpm ... 5.i686.rpm ... 5.i586.rpm ... 5.i586.rpm

Codec to play all the files:

Which ever video player xine or mplayer u install, you wont be able to play any files unless you install this codec:

Also download and instal this package if you want to be able to run all windows movie / audio formats on linux including wmv, avi , mpg, vcd etc: ... 1.i386.rpm

Once the video player i.e xine or mplayer and the w32codec is installed, you will be able to play all multimedia files, including vcd, mpg, avi, wmv , divx etc on linux.

Note: install all the rpms one by one using the command rpm -i rpmname.rpm e.g

rpm -i w32-codec-0.52-1.i386.rpm


3.For AMSN, your query has been already answered.Cd to the directory where u extracted amsn and do a ./amsn or wish amsn to run it.
Also make sure u are using the latest version that has MSN9 protocol support.Old versions will not work

4.For installing programs, again i have already explained this in many posts.


Apps/Softwares for linux are available in two forms:

1.Sources....normally in compressed .tar.gz or bz2 format
Basically you compile the sources on your system using the make commands.So sources can be installed on any distro.But it has many drawbacks which i have explained later

2.Distros's proprietary format.
You all know these.Like rpm files in redhat and mandrake and .deb files in debian etc
These can only be installed on their respective distro.But they can be installed very quickly effeciently and without much effort.But there main problem is availablity

I always recommend installing rpms over sources, if the rpms are available.

Compiling sources takes a hell of time in some cases, and is a cumbersome process, although a few simple commands are involved.But the thing is since you compile all the scripts so it takes a lot of time compared to rpms and many errors often arise as well.

To install rpms u use the rpm -Uvh rpmname.rpm command
To install from sources (tar.gz file) u first extract them using tar -zxf filename.tar.gz
Then cd to the directory extracted and issue the series of make command like:

make install


Again, Search the forum before asking your question....if u donot do so and if u continually ask questions that have already been answered, action will be taken agains you
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unix y! messenger

Postby lambda » Mon Oct 27, 2003 3:47 pm

you can get the latest unix messengers from

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