CBT - Supercomputer on every desk (Free)

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CBT - Supercomputer on every desk (Free)

Postby nayyares » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:19 pm

Hi All,

I am feeling glad to inform about Kamran Azeem's new video release on "Supercomputer on every desk" the video is a complete howto "Linux Beowolf clusters / HPC clusters / Supercomputing."

Video is made such that a newbie to expert Linux user can easily understand and give hands-on to HPC Cluster. Idea behind this CBT is to give a chance to people who are just new or already in HPC technology, to setup their own LAB at their on Personal Computers (PC).

CBT Pre-req & Detail:

Software used :

* Fedora 8 (32 bit) on my physical host / laptop.
* VMware Server 2 for Linux (32 bit), installed on Fedora host.
* CentOS 5.2 on Virtual HPC machines / nodes. (Note: have used
Fedora 8 successfully as HPC nodes in other tests.)
* GotoBLAS
* High Performance Linpack

Download Link: http://wbitt.com/my-cbts-training-videos.html (Free)

PS: Kamran has mentioned in CBT briefing about his NOBLE cause, I will request you all reader to spread the CBT as much as you can, so that everybody can get benefit of this awesome technical educational material.

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