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Kolibri -distro in 2.8mb

Postby faruqkhan » Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:10 pm

Kolibri is the Russian word for hummingbirds.
It's a fork of the MenuetOS project and is currently licensed under the GPL.
The operating system is designed to run on 32-bit x86 processors and is written entirely in assembly language.
This operating system lives up to its name, being both amazingly small and extremely fast.
The system boots from zero to functioning desktop in under 3 seconds.
Kolibri contains a lot of familiar features, yet stands out with its own identity.
It uses very few resources; applications open virtually instantly and the entire time I was using the system my memory usage never went above 10 MB.
The user interface is an interesting combination, mixing characteristics from Linux, Windows and DOS.
The user is presented with an attractive background and icons for various commonly used programs.
System tasks (text editing and file browsers) are in the top-left corner, documentation and settings are in the top-right.
Games occupy both lower corners of the desktop.
The application menu is fairly standard and is located in the bottom-left corner, where Windows and KDE users might expect to find it.

More info : http://www.kolibrios.org/

Read more: http://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page= ... z0Q1ql6BP3

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