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Penetration Testing with BackTrack 5 - 15 days Training

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:10 pm
by nadeemali79
IT-Knowledgebase excursively launched this course for IT Professionals pure Penetration Testing in BackTrack 5

Penetration Testing with BackTrack is an online training course designed for network administrators and security professionals who need to get acquainted with the world of Offensive Security. This penetration testing training introduces the latest hacking tools and techniques in the field and includes real remote live labs for exercising the material presented to the students.

Why you should ITKB:

• Learn the penetration testing methods used every day by the ITKB team

• Get your questions answered by our course instructors

• Learn by working hands-on in our live labs scenario

• Become an Offensive Security Certified Professional

Course Contents

1- Information Gathering Techniques
2- Open Services Information Gathering
3- Port Scanning
4- ARP Spoofing
5- Buffer overflow Exploitation (Win32)
6- Working With Exploits
7- Transferring Files
8- Exploit frameworks
9- Client Side
10- Port Fun
11- Password
12- Web Application vectors
13- Trojan Horses
14- Windows Oddities
15- Rootkits

for more information visit URL or direct contact as given below

Note: we are registering maximum 5 in each class to pay more attention on you.

Nadeem Ali Meer
Certified Ethical Hacker

Cell: 0341-2966104