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Wireless hotspot in 3 km using Bullet2h with 15 DBI Omni

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:54 pm
by sarthor
Salam O Alykum,
I want build a wireless hotspot network in 3km area,
i have 6 Bullet2H (ubnt says 1000mw AP) access points and 6, Hyperlink 15 DBI omni antenna, while i have 3 more hyperlink 12 dbi sector antenna also available,
I do not need any encryption on the network, I am using linux server with shorewall / squid server/ hotspot server/ dhcp server running
The area is bigger than village and smaller than a town, better to say a big village, where there is a single / double story buildings, only 3 to 6 buildings are triple stories,
And also there are not a lot of trees,
the area can be seen here .
What configuration will be better for such network using bullet2h APs

the image of the access points will be like this,

i read wndw2 guide also, but still i need forum help / ideas like Will i need mesh / openwrt or what?
I asked in ubnt forum also, but they use to promote only there own firmware, i read some threats there, they never like to discuss other firmware / platforms, Just ubnt,

Waiting.... and Thanks in advance,
Ma' Salam,