mandrake10 caught in rawalpindi

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mandrake10 caught in rawalpindi

Postby umair007 » Fri Apr 30, 2004 3:09 am

atlast i feel releaved. i have been looking for mandrake 10 from a month couldnt find it anyware but yesterday i went to sadar with my sis and we just stumbled into a shop FANTASIES very nice shop(the counter had a lcd flat screen monitor :shock: i love it )i bought a dog tag but when i turned to its huge cd section and what do i see drake 10. i felt like i wanted to cry my heart said its beautiful it is a 3 cd set although actually its a 4cd set so i had some problems while installing all the packages but the setup has an option if we dont have the fourth cd.

it has everything a linux user can dream of it resembels win xp in a lot of ways we can also change kde's flash screen to resemble the login menu of win xp it booted faster then winxp and redhat 9 it has 2.6.3 kernel but to activate linux standard base(lsb) we have to install kernel 2.4.25 release 2 i have both kernels and have the choice to boot from which on start up. the most disturbing thing was that there was no source on the cd for kernel 2.4.25 -2 which i had to download it cause 2.6.3 will not work with most of the drivers

it also includes a better firewall which is very good if you are thinking of running a server. it had no visible bugs only a ug in xmms which keeps it crashing with AC 97' sound cards. konqueror is worse then ever and mozilla presents the websites more beautiful then i have ever seen

so i can say that it is one linuxers dream an operating system better then all of the linux os put together(if you ask me).

the developing software is also top of the notch qt3 rocks

it is a very good demo to show us what is about to come for the linux community in 2004 i expect them to have better compatibility with programs and to have less dependencies

you can download the source for kernel 2.4.52 -2 from:

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