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LinuxPak Multan Meetup

Postby linuxgeek » Thu Jun 17, 2004 4:30 am

Assalam o Alaikum Everyone,

I would like to ask everyone here @ forums & lp mailing list belonging to multan to give their suggestions for a meetup here @ multan. Comeon guys , we really are lagging behind and we should catchup with everyone else, So why dont just gather at a place , have some fun , talk about linux , share some knowledge and solve some problems? What do you say ? Zaeem? Can we have some audience , Venue is no problem , just confirm me the number of people coming over. I will find some place, we can decide a date and a small agenda. We can ask over university students to come over ( hello? anyone having contacts in BZU? or some local university? ) . Anyways... suggestions / comments are welcome. Kindly drop me an email at linuxmeetup [at] linux[dot] net[dot] pk .

Don't forget to mention your Name , Location & Contact Details / Phone Number.


Junaid Saeed Uppal
uppal at linux dot net dot pk
Cell : +92.345.8586045

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Postby zaeemarshad » Fri Jun 18, 2004 8:30 am

junaid, i mailed you about it but i am posting it here as well.. An LP multan meetup is one thing i have always been in favour of and we can get a few decent ppl to attend the meetup but 2 things...

1) universities/colleges are off and so it will be difficult for us to spread the word except for personal references..though we can try.

2) what about future meetings?? a meeting once in a blue moon wont cast a good impression.

All said, i would love to attend the meeting and help out. emran, fadain..u guys are from multan..mail the suggestions.


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