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Machine Configurations

Postby linuxgeek » Sat Apr 19, 2003 12:03 am

Hello Everyone ...

I just went through this thing on another forum and i thought it would be cool to start it here too .. its like you give the details of the machine ( computers ) you are using ... would be help full in compiling a list of hardware thats linux compatiable too! ... So , we need the following details..

Hard Disk :

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Postby linuxgeek » Sat Apr 19, 2003 12:10 am

To start with .. my system specs are ...

Processor: 1 @ Intel 3.2Ghz ( 512Kb Cache )
MotherBoard: Intel Desktop Board D875PBZ
RAM : 1024mb ( 1 gig ) @ DDR
Hard Disk : 1 x 120Gb SCSI , 2 X 80Gb 7200 rpm
Ethernet: Allied Tellyson ATX - 2500 , 3com NIC ( On board )
Modem: 3com 56 K Message Modem Pro External
Sound: SB - Live Drive Audigy 2
VGA: Ati Rage Pro 32Megs
MISC: Samsung CDRW - DVD Combo Drive

thats it... almost everything is linux - compatible and running fine .. except for my vga .. which doesnt work that good with free bsd .. works fine with every linux distro though. ..
Junaid Saeed Uppal
uppal at linux dot net dot pk
Cell : +92.345.8586045

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My mac

Postby PuReEviL » Mon Apr 21, 2003 9:32 pm

Raheel Ahmed :
I got p4 1.7 ghz , intel d845evb2 main board , 128mb ddr , 56k external modem , 40gb hddrive , vga and sound builtin ....
is that the info u need
i have tryed linux 8 redhat onit it picks my hardware perfectly expext for modem i don't know what modem driver it pick .....
PuRe EviL :p

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Postby dayDreamer » Thu Apr 24, 2003 1:41 am

Here is the configuration that I have. Have run Redhat 6.2, 7.3 with it.

Processor: AMD K6-2 500Mhz
MotherBoard: AOpen AX59 Pro (Uses VIA VT82C598) 1MB Cache onboard, 1 AGP,4 PCI,2 ISA, 2 USB

RAM : 192 MB (64MB PC100 Micron Inc. + 128MB PC133 NCP)
Hard Disk : 8.4 GB Seagate ST38410 IDE 5400 rpm 512 kb buffer
Ethernet: SURECOM EP-320X-R 100/10 Adapter Uses Realtek 8139C
Modem: Zoltrix FMVSP336i 33.6kbps Internal Hard modem (ISA)
Sound: Xwave QS3000A Soundcard
VGA: SiS 6326 8MB AGP
MISC: Philips 105S Monitor
Op Sys: Windows XP+98+Redhat 7.3

With RH6.2, the audio didnt work even with ALSA drivers built into kernel and the Xserver identified only 1MB Video RAM instead of 8MB. The display was limited to 800x600*256colors*60Hz. The display problem was bcoz of BIOS which was solved by BIOS Flashing.

With RH7.3, every thing was going laminar, untill recently the system got corrupted because of poor installation media (I think) so currently I am looking for a reliable installation media. :roll:
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