Difference between Bridge, Router, Gateway and Firewall

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Difference between Bridge, Router, Gateway and Firewall

Postby if » Mon Apr 21, 2003 9:01 pm


what the Difference between Bridge, Router, Gateway and Firewall...thx
if u find anything which shows my lack of knowledge,
please guide me... thx

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Re: Difference between Bridge, Router, Gateway and Firewall

Postby nafri » Tue Apr 22, 2003 8:18 pm

if wrote:Aslam-o-Aliakum,

what the Difference between Bridge, Router, Gateway and Firewall...thx

try these web pages:

What is the difference between a Hub, Switch, and Router

difference between: switch - router - hub - bridge
http://www.tek-tips.com/gviewthread.cfm ... qid/148477

firewall's definition is at
http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/sD ... 25,00.html

i have always found http://whatis.com/ to be a good source for definition, and as a starting point.


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difference in few words

Postby farhanksa » Thu Apr 24, 2003 6:10 am

router : its a device or machine that choose the best available path for transfering packet from 1 network to other network depending upon the protocol running on the router (rip,igrp,eigrp,bgp )router works on the network layer of OSI reference model .it only deals with the network portion on th ip not with the whole ip

switch: its the device which is similar to hub physically but in working its differnt. switch is inteligent device, makes a unicast message (message to single port not to all ports) after it know which ip,mac is attached to which port . initially for some time its broadcast the packet to know which pc is attached to which place
collision domain of switch is 1
broadcast domain of switch is =no of ports in the switch, it works on the data link layer(media access control layer mac) of osi

hub: the cheepest the the dug brain device :) it dont know which pc is at which port it always broadcast the packet means packet is transfered to all the port of the hub ..which result in the los of the frequency bandwidth of the physical medium

in some cases bridge act as a router or a switch depending uipon the situatuon

as u know firewall may be a physical h/w firewall or s/w firewall
which is used to block ,allow,.... certain ip's ports of the inward,outward,forwarding states

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Postby mrkkhattak » Thu Apr 24, 2003 10:45 am


good ... :-)


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Postby Aadil » Mon Apr 28, 2003 4:00 am

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