"TPFOSST 05" 1st National Conference on Trends and

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"TPFOSST 05" 1st National Conference on Trends and

Postby tahirakram » Thu Aug 04, 2005 1:51 pm

About the Conference:

The 1st National Conference on Trends and Practices of Free and Open Source Software Technologies (TPFOSST’05) provides the central gathering place to exchange ideas, share techniques, push the technical boundaries, and maximize the benefits of free and open source software. It brings together the IT professional community, research scholars, enterprise leaders and government officials of Pakistan to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, research results and research-in-progress about all aspects (theory, practice, applications and tools) of the Trends and Practices of Free and Open Source Software Technologies. The conference will include Keynote speeches, tutorials and technical paper presentations. The accepted papers will be published in the TPSOSST’05 conference proceedings to be distributed during the conference.

For further information and updates, please visit the
website: http://www.fossfp.org/tpfosst05
or e-mail: tpfosst05@fossfp.org.

Conference Topics:

Foundations and the Rationale of F/OSS
Global and Regional F/OSS Initiatives
F/OSS and Proprietary Software Usage Ethical Issues
F/OSS Licensing and Legal Issues
Tools and Infrastructures for F/OSS Development
F/OSS in e-Government and Public Administration
Role of F/OSS in Sustainable Economic Development
F/OSS in Academic Research
F/OSS in the Enterprise
F/OSS Education and Training
F/OSS and Open Knowledge
Content and Knowledge management in F/OSS
F/OSS Models for Business
Impact of F/OSS on Social Networks
Cost and Economic Models of F/OSS
F/OSS Benefits to People with Special Needs
F/OSS Case Studies and Experiments F/OSS Distributed Project Management
Distributed Collaboration and Coordination of F/OSS Development Teams
Distributed Group Development for F/OSS
F/OSS Teams as Communities of Practice
Leadership in F/OSS Groups
F/OSS Software Development Processes
F/OSS Computing Practices and Applications
F/OSS Effect on Cyber Psychology and Ethics
F/OSS Operating Systems
F/OSS Projects
Technical Aspects of Unix, Linux and BSD variants
Business Experiences and Case Studies F/OSS
F/OSS Computing
F/OSS Development Environments
F/OSS Development for Electronic Commerce
Systems and Applications
F/OSS Engineering Tools and Techniques F/OSS Maintenance & Software Metrics
F/OSS Quality Assurance and Standards
F/OSS Testing Methodologies
F/OSS Language Localization
Significance of F/OSS for Developing Economies
F/OSS Trends in Developing Economies
The future of F/OSS
F/OSS Hybridization and Co-Existence
F/OSS Risk Management
F/OSS Scalability Issues
F/OSS Maturity Models
Empirical Analysis of F/OSS
Adoption of F/OSS in Computing Curriculum

--> http://www.fossfp.org/fossac
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