Re: Ellie Quigley Books and Accompanying cds.

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Re: Ellie Quigley Books and Accompanying cds.

Postby j'aldin » Sun Aug 21, 2005 8:44 pm

Salam A Lykum Linux Pakistan.

I m a new member of this community. I d like to put across a request for a favour. I actually bought a couple of Books to learn shell programming. Namely 1) Linux Shells by example and 2) Unix Shells by example 4th edition both by Ellie Quigley. You can google search the book names and find out more about the books; highly recommended though for a beginner learning Linux.

So yea book #1) was a used one and did not have the accompanying cd. Book #2) had the cd but I lost it while relocating. It has created a serious learning void as the books make very frequent references to the content on the cds. If somebody has these books and the accompanying cd's; i d request them to kindly share the cd content with me, i might even pay you for the cost of copying,postage etc.

Kind Regards

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Postby LinuxFreaK » Sun Aug 21, 2005 10:35 pm

Dear j'aldin,

Not sure about book may be some one have it and he/she will reply you but you can take a look into this :)

Best Regards.
Farrukh Ahmed

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