Help required with wiki

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Help required with wiki

Postby fawad » Thu Sep 15, 2005 9:37 pm

AOA all,
I am working on replacing the current wiki software (phpwiki) with mediawiki. Reasons include:

* Maintenance headaches: phpwiki configuration (file and database schema) is changing all the time. Keeping up with patch versions is a nightmare. mediawiki is expected to remain reasonably stable, seeing how it's the engine behind wikipedia.

* Features: mediawiki has some features that are neccessary for making full use of a wiki like software. Some of these include automatic image management, sub-section level editing, etc.

Bottom line:

I need volunteers to port content from the current wiki to the new one. The work involves learning the basics of both wiki syntaxes and porting each page from the old one to the new.

The new wiki installation is password protected, and signups are disabled. I will create IDs for volunteers to allow them to view the contents and edit them.

If you think you can spare the time and effort, please email me at fawad@fawad.NOSPAMnet (take out NOSPAM).

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