Mandrake................... -> LINUX 9.0

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Mandrake................... -> LINUX 9.0

Postby MethanE » Sat May 24, 2003 11:54 am

slaaam to aal!

well let us start discussion on MANDRAKE ... i have just installed it and totally a DUMB in this , so let me know it a BIT... so that i may reach till a BYTE,

first of all i wanna know how to install DRIVERS, my MANDRAKE does not play mp3, avi, dat files can any one help me. :shock:

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Postby kadnan » Sun May 25, 2003 5:17 pm

somebody told me that mandrake takes care of everything itself?isn`t there any KUDZU type utility for Mandrake? one of our member installed it and worked fine for him,i wonder why are u having such problem,i heard mandrake 9.1 is much better than previous distro,do try that or go for redhat9/8

-in rh each package is dependant on other package,for example Qt is divided in many pakcages like Qt-core,Qt-libs,Qt sql driver etc etc
and believe me its not something useful for me as I faced lots of problem to install something from source,i wonder Mandrake also works like RH or not
if not then i would sure go for mandrake otherwise rh9.0 :( but rh9 dared to ruin KDE which isn`t good at all


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