Corrupt Redhat9 CD

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Corrupt Redhat9 CD

Postby kadnan » Sat May 31, 2003 6:17 pm

todayi bought redhat 9 Cd from Sagar Cd Store,first floor Rainbow
-first it ws nice to see tht Linuxpakistan is providing CDs
-second thing which is depressing that they made bad copies of Cds and selling them,I run the mEdia check and it got Failed ,gave Bad Image error,i will go to the shop on Monday and will return the CD

the thing i want ti ask about Pakistan OS #,i really didnt check the # before i had noi idea about it,i coudn`t find that number on CD,if inside you mean bak side of the Cd then i found
"kc-578 cd01" and Redhat9 Caption no such number on back side,just found on the Cd front and on CD cover
-i know its my fault but still concerned ppl should ask about such things which are going around


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Corrupt Redhat9 CD

Postby mahin » Sun Jun 01, 2003 8:13 pm

I am sorry to hear that you had problem with the CD you purchased.

I am quite sure that this is a production issue as I have two sets from same batch and they are working fine.

We have no idea about quality control process during production but with this instance we have one more thing to watch out.

Due to some problem at production end I understand the number #10203-1102 are not visiable instead you see bar code like lines.

How to decode these number:

#102xx-xxxx Distro Name as per PLUC list
#xxx03-xxxx Number of CD's in that Distro
#xxxxx-11xx CD's Distributor ID
#xxxxx-xx02 Serial number of verified master

Now read this:

#102xx-xxxx Red Hat
#xxx03-xxxx Three CD's were checked.
#xxxxx-11xx Karachi Computer requested verification/test.
#xxxxx-xx02 This is second request by Karachi Computer

As you can see that we did tried to put up a system to trace source of error so that it could be eliminated. Apparently there is some flaw and we have to do some more checking.

We did tested and checked the master copy, made installation and then copy was made from it same were tested again. Finally when pressed CD's were produced using tested master sample sets were also checked and no problems came to our knowledge.

Will you kindly show those CD to Mr Amir Mahmood of Karachi Computer before returning them to the shop from where you purchased. Infact you can return them to Amir if these are indeed released by him.

Will it be possible for you to re-check these CD's on some other machine and see if you get same media test fail report. While we were testing one particular machine also once gave media test fail report. This may not be the case in your instance but we just want to be sure.

Please keep us informed and rest assured that we are doing every thing with in our means to ensure availabilty of error free CD's at affordable prices.

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Postby kadnan » Mon Jun 02, 2003 2:09 am

salam Tariq saab
glad to heard you after long time(since i am unable to attend meetings) :cry:

-very nice coding system,i liked the urdu translation of Open Source (Azad Shafra) :>

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