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Postby TheBuGz » Tue Sep 23, 2003 12:15 am

mahin wrote:Is there any one willing to add Urdu support in Gaim or any other client [ must be GPL ] on Linux :)). Give us Urdu in Urdu ( Arabic ) script not Roman Urdu or Transliteration and then invite us to any room you want :)). Trust me there will be no shortage of visitors but please speak to us in a language :)) we understand.

Any invitiations for Urdu Chat Rooms :wink:

Well URDU chat rooms !!! well there is a sort of messemger called Rabwah Messenger which lets u chat in URDU to other users irrespective of what version they are using its Totally Java Based may be we can get something out of it especially the Keyboard layout it Uses.

You may give it a try i am quoting the link just as a referral u may search in any popular search engine but still here is the link

<a href="" target="new"><img src=""></a>

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