For those who wrongly accused me!

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For those who wrongly accused me!

Postby Faraz.Fazil » Fri Sep 26, 2003 12:12 pm

Well guyz, i hate to create such threads but i have to now, since i was wrongly accused/flamed by some members

Some members made posts in which they said , that i make crap
posts, that my posts are not written by me, that i copy stuff from
other websites, and many more baseless allegations.

For instance check this thread: (check the last part, also it may get edited: ... .php?t=723

All off these allegations are false.

What these people have posted is totally wrong, baseless, unjustified and uncalled for.

All my posts are quality posts that contain stuff written by me, and no one else.None of the stuff is copied or taken from anywhere, unless mentioned.

All my efforts have been recognised by everyone here, and they all
know me very well, and i have been thanked by dozens of users for
helping them.

Dozens of users on this forum have acknowledged my skills and the
help i have provided.

I will quote a few examples.

Here they are in the form of quotes:

(Posted by Fawad, the site admin of this website):

Wow Faraz.Fazil,
This is really cool information. I've been stumped by this one too

many times. You think you can put this on the wiki? Maybe create a

page under LinuxFaq? If we consolidate this frequently asked stuff,

we can store it in a seperate location and point people to it

instead of digging through the forum archives.

(Posted by s7r1k3r):


As fawad said. This information war REALLY helpful. Thanx a bunch



(Posted by newbie):

previous versions of rdehat i think till 7.2 we had to install from

the directories
and now since 7.3 it only needs ISO's.

and i think the explanations and methods written by faraz fazil

should be saved as linux pakistan's HOWTO's.


very excellent explanations.

(Posted by zaeemarshad):

many thanks faraz. you brought the right solution. though i would

urge others who love to post answers to thoroughly read the problem

and then try to answer. it doesnt help except clutter the page and

more bits for my slow dialup to download i.e. previous bandwidth

wasted. anyways thanks a lot sir. hats off to ya


(Posted by mahin):

Agree! Faraz is a professinal with lots of experience and you can

see the difference that make

(Posted by Farhanksa):

Faraz,Fazil ho saky to aik kam karjain....kooch khidmat-e newbies


well its goood that u share ur secrets and experiences.....u r our

teacher sir !

(Posted by arpanet):


i really thatks full to Fraz and farhan

(Posted by fadain):

Thank you Faraz.
Installing/uninstalling bootloaders may be a bit annoying for some,

but the way you explained everything, it was like 1-2-3!
I successfully installed GRUB.
Thanks again.

These are just some quotes.

The purpose of this thread is not to boast or to show off, instead the purpose is to clarify my position which was attacked by some jealous members.

So i hope the critics now stay quite and let me post my way and let me help others.

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Postby fawad » Fri Sep 26, 2003 7:45 pm

We all really appreciate the help and effort you put in to help out people on the forum. Your answers are very detailed and at the same time to the point. You should cat>/dev/null the flame messages instead of responding to them.

Just my Rs. 0.02

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