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What do you think about wateen?

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:14 am
by x2oxen
Hello All. Here are some emails received from clients when my college teacher asked to share your experience about wateen service.

Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 12:42:24 +0000
Subject: [itfsd] Fwd: Re: Interested in Wateen / Wateen User ?
Dear Rizwan,

Do not purchase any WATEEN package.
This is my personal experience that
Wateen have no any responsible professional’s team.
I have very bad experience for WATEEN.
I purchased two DAP devices from WATEEN for two clients.
1. That time I found there is no SMTP server of WATEEN.
After many days I searched SMTP server from a IP Scanner software
But my some mail messages are still bouncing with this SMTP server.
2. WATEEN technical staff and WATEEN franchise staff have no good
Before two weeks ago I submitted fee for Live IP to Faisalabad
Franchise office.
Now Franchise office suggest me get IP form Lahore Department and
Lahore office suggesting me IP will provide you Faisalabad Franchise
Wateen technical staff has no any professional attitude because they
are contacting with clients after office hours against any client
All services of WATEEN are shut down from two days.
I sent many mails to supporting team, sales team and some others but
no one giving me answer even my three complains are still pending.
Faisalabad Franchise staff answering me it has been closed from Lahore
and you could get back your payment and return the DAP.
Future is WATEEN and future is green.
This is only one ISP who has shutdown his service more then 24 hours
and toll free No 08001919 is also not working now.
So its not professional attitude they are wasting time of clients.

Muhammad Aamir

Software Developer (United State Employees Association (US Embassy)
C/O Stunning Technology (Pvt) Limited Islamabad.

Systems manager
A.B Exports (Pvt) Limited.

Database Administrator.
Preimer Textile Mills (UK)

OCP Forms, OCP 10g DBA, OCP DBA 10G Linux, OCP Apps.DBA

--- "M.F.Aziz" <azizsagi@... wrote:

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 10:54:35 -0000
From: "M.F.Aziz" <azizsagi@...
To: "Syed Rizwan Dastgir" <rizwan_dastgir@...
Subject: Re: Interested in Wateen / Wateen User ?

Aslamu Alikum

well at first i
am very glad to know
that Wimax has been launched in Pakistan which is a
great thing for Us.
We are now in 4th generation of Communication. But

as you talk about the experience I don’t want you
peoples to use this. My
personal experience got to be very bad with Wateen
Wimax. The problems

1. Poor service
2. Unreliable
3. Unprofessional behaviors
4. No support available
etc etc and etc

From when i shifted to wateen wimax i have wasted my
great time and
money. infact they are given terrible services.

I will not advice you to take intereste in Wateen
Wimax till than they
make their services stable. Just launch the service
is not a solution.

Thats what i feel to share with you peoples.

waca Developer
2005-2008 <

In, "Syed Rizwan Dastgir"

Dear Fellows

Are some of u are using wateen WiMax...?

if yes then please share your experience...

What do u think one should shift over to wateen or

Plz contribute in community education through
participating in the

Looking Farward...
Syed Rizwan Dastgir