Vector Linux 4.0 Available at PLUC

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Vector Linux 4.0 Available at PLUC

Postby mahin » Sun Oct 12, 2003 12:58 pm

This is to inform every one interested that thanks to Mr Khurram Ilyas we have Vector Linux ver 4.0.

This is latest version and Vector Linux team have recomended that we promote this as a base version in Pakistan. They will guide/help us in adding support for Arabic/Urdu script.

We want you to test this and those who can spare some time help us in testing other packages for this version.

If you need a copy contact

Those who have not heard of Vector Linux before for their info following few lines.

Vector Linux is based upon Slackware Linux which is noted for its remarkable stability. Vector is a desktop and very easy to install and use. It is less demanding upon hardware resources and very appropriate for older PC's. Earlier versions of Vector are most suitable for any 386 you may have lying around.

It is possible to create an LTSP server based upon Vector or Slackware and connect diskless clients or machine's booting with Slackware-live from CD Rom. This will effectively reduce the cost of hardware for Schools as well eliminate the virus problem associated with other O/S.

Please note Vector Linux comes in two versions:

1. Free Version which we at PLUC are promoting.

2. Deluxe CD Version - This costs $ 23.00 and is same as free version but on CD their are additional packages which have not been included in Free version to keep the distro lite. All additional packages provided in deluxe CD are also available for free down load from their respective sites. By paying this money you support this project [ this is their only source of revenue - please help protect it so that this project continues ] and save your self the trouble of downloading. While the developers provide free support through the forum but those buying CD can get support through E-mail also[ conditions apply].

If you are planning about using Vector in your company think about persuading your Company to buy Deluxe CD. Think how much your Company will save by using Vector instead of Mandrake/Fedora/Redhat. It costs only Rs 1350.00 approx for Deluxe CD how much you will pay to upgrade a P1 200MHz with 64MB Ram to run some other latest distro?

If you are interested then please contact us at so that we can coordinate and assist you.

Vector Linux Version 4.0 main points by VectorLinux team

* Kernel version 2.4.22 available in ide or scsi configurations.
* Glibc-2.3.1
* Available as a text console system or with optional XFree GUI
* XFree-4.3.0 is the default X system.
* New graphical package manager has been added, vecpkg.

* Easy on your system resources, should run fine with a minimum of 32mb of ram
* Only reguires 625 megs of disk space for full install (but you should have more available for additional programs and swap space)
* Laptop support including pcmcia and apm.
* Usb support with hotplugging

* Most available Linux hardware drivers are included.


* XFCE, Fluxbox and ICEwm window managers with antialias font support. More available on the deluxe CD.
* KDE-3.1.4 and dropline-gnome is available on the deluxe CD version.
* Internet ready with Firebird, Dillo, Gaim, Xchat and more. Mozilla, Mplayer, flash, acrobat reader and java all available on the deluxe CD.
* Abiword a stand alone full featured word processor that imports exports MS word style documents. OpenOffice available on the deluxe CD.
* Xview and GQview for viewing, manipulating and editing graphics files
* The Gimp a very sophisticated image creation program available on the deluxe CD
* XMMS to play most music formats including CD's
* A full compliment of GUI programs to handle email, file management, text editing, sound manipulation, file compression, desktop themes and more.


* Full development suite with most common libraries, compilers and related tools.
Gcc updated to version 3.2.2.

* fully functional ftp server based on proFTPD

* PPP setup wizard for easy connection to the net via your modem. Both pppsetup and wvdial available. Update gkdial is now available also.
* VI style text editors, mutt for email, lynx text web browsing, Midnight Commander file manager, ncftp, telnet, ping, finger and all the basic networking applications and daemons.
* Vim, apache, mysql, Emacs, samba, screen all available on the deluxe CD version.
* Added security with a built in firewall, port sentry, openssl and openssh..
* Enhanced USB support with hotplugging.
* The default file manager (midnight commander) will install uninstall all software packages including rpms, slps, debs, and tgz.

Let your imagination run wild.......................use VECTORLINUX

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Postby zaeemarshad » Sun Oct 12, 2003 2:35 pm

i was working on building a lite distro and work carried on for one month but seems like i wouldnt be able to get it out. so its a doomed project. vector linux seems a good idea to get one's hands on. i'd love to have a cd


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Vector Linux 4.0 Available at PLUC

Postby mahin » Sun Oct 12, 2003 4:24 pm

Take a look at and check its forum also .

There is a script and howto to roll your own distro try that.

This is a live Distro under 220MB but you can increase the size or make it instalable on HD. With Slackware-Live available under GPL there is very little excuse for not making ones own distro :).

Learn the tricks of trade and then join projects like Vector Linux.

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Postby LinuxFreaK » Sun Oct 12, 2003 8:49 pm

Dear All PLUCian's

As Mr.Mahin told that he had a copy of VL. Mahin brother can you please tell me should i download the VL or not or the Others Linux Distro you told me to download ?

Best Regards.
Farrukh Ahmed

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Postby farhanksa » Tue Oct 14, 2003 1:35 am


so Mr.Mahin psl update the list of cs'z available and post them........thanks a lot :)

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