Slackware-Live Cd Latest version now available at PLUC

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Slackware-Live Cd Latest version now available at PLUC

Postby Faraz.Fazil » Sun Oct 19, 2003 1:55 am

HI folks,

this is to inform you, that Slackware-live , which lets you run linux directly from the cdrom ,without the need of a hard disk , is now available at pluc.

I (Faraz.Fazil) downloaded and burned this distro to a cd and provided a free copy to pluc.
You can now get it from the PLUC, karachi.

Here is a description of Slackware-Live:

(Description as on

Slackware-Live CD is a bootable CD containing Linux operating system. It runs Linux directly from CDROM without installing. The live CD described here is based on Slackware GNU Linux distribution and is downloadable from this website as an ISO. There are also available all scripts and source codes, which can be used to build your own live CD.


Imagine the ability to boot your favorite Linux wherever you want - at home, at school or at your work. Imagine yourself walking on the street and carrying the only one thing needed for your life - the 8cm compact disk with your Linux Live CD. Do you wanna try such a feeling? :-)


When your computer boots from Live CD, at first Linux kernel image (vmlinuz) is loaded. Then, virtual disk (ramdisk) is created in computer's RAM. Rootdisk image (initrd.gz) is unpacked into it and then mounted as a root filesystem. Large directories (like /usr, /opt, ...) are mounted directly from the CDROM (read only).


I have tried slackware-live personally, and found it to be quite good.UNlike other live cds' it runs quite fast and is quite stable compared to others like demo linux or knoppix , and does have some good packages too like mplayer movie player, noatun audio player, kppp internet dialer, kword etc which u can run directly from the cdrom as well.It has kde 3.1.2 as the desktop.It also has midnight commander (MC), icewm and other packages as well.

KNoppix is quite good too.

So do get hold of slackware-live and try it out!
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Postby farhanksa » Sun Oct 19, 2003 2:50 am

hi man!
nice work...
well its a great thing do downlaod linux using dialup :P isp walay to Tooba kartay hoon ga..any how its good.
i downloaded knopics 3.2 but didnt completed due to a reason..:)

it is requested to upload the updated list of cd available at PLUC karachi ?

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