Worlds first Arabic Live-CD

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Worlds first Arabic Live-CD

Postby mahin » Sun Oct 19, 2003 12:04 pm

Arabeyes would like to announce the first full public release of Arabbix.
Version 0.8 will be distributed (courtesy of the Saudi Computer Society)
at Gitex in Dubai (Oct 19 - 23) and is, as always, available for download
free of any charges.

Arabbix is the world's first Arabic Live-CD (run-from-CD) distribution that
showcases Arabeyes' and others' accomplishments and results - it includes
most of the applications an Arab user might require or need. Arabbix is not
only intended to attract new users and to cement the virtues of Open Source
and Linux as a fully functional Arabic desktop medium, but is also hoped
that it will engrave into people's hearts and minds Arabeyes' "can be done"
and "results oriented" attitude and goals.

Arabeyes would like to thank its many volunteers for their time, hard work
and perseverance in bringing this project to reality while enduring extreme
duress due to an aggressive schedule and many deadlines. Arabbix is a true
LEAP FORWARD for all Arabic Open Source/Linux users.

- Mentioned URLs: ... _id=190290


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Postby if » Mon Oct 20, 2003 11:16 am


thx Tariq Sahib, it's good to hear... When we are hearing this kind of NEWS in regards to URDU :lol: i (INSHALLAH) hope so soon...
if u find anything which shows my lack of knowledge,
please guide me... thx

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Postby LinuxFreaK » Mon Oct 20, 2003 11:39 pm

Dear All PLUCian's

INSAHALLAH Soon We'll hear the same News about Urdu Version of Linux. INSAHALLAH SOON !! Tariq Bahi Please Tell Us When you gonna Release that CD to PLUC and Rest of LinuxPakistan and Karachi Computers :!

Best Regards.
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Postby farhanksa » Tue Oct 21, 2003 12:13 am


GoOd LuCk
me waiting for it Inshallah

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