Cyber Security Workshop - Rawalpindi on June 19, 2004

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Cyber Security Workshop - Rawalpindi on June 19, 2004

Postby mahin » Sun Jun 13, 2004 8:40 pm

Member's in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Taxila, Wah and other place who can make a day trip to Rawalpindi should try and attend this workshop. Please apply early [ now ] by sendiing an email to, indicating your willingness to attend. Please mention your ID at these Linux Pakistan forums.

Please apply now! Any Question you can ask here.

Message from Dr Mohammed Afzal is copied below for your info:

I am pleased to inform you that at University of Arid Agriculture,
Rawalpindi, we are organizing an extensive One Day Workshop on Cyber
Security. Apart from sessions on Theoretical and background knowledge of
the discipline and security gear, there would be a hands-on session, in
which real-life scenarios of cyber attacks will be demonstrated, how
these were identified, operated, controlled and finally systems
recovered from attacks and safe-guarded..

The workshop will be delivered by a renowned elite Pakistani, Dr M M
Satti, CEO, ITButler, Sydney, Austrailia. Dr Satti has his PhD in
Intrusion Detection Systems, and has vast field experience. He has
helped many Multi National Companies (MNCs) and governments to secure
their data centres and information security infrastructures.

This event will enable the participants to network with each other,
since working in the same field of network/info security, as Network
Engineers, Network Administrators, System Administrtors, ISP Managers or
being responsible for data integrity and data security; they have common
problems/goals. This will help them to share their experiences and help
each other at the difficult times of cyber attacks on their networks at
local or national levels.

I will be grateful, if you could yourself or colleagues from your
company/organization could attend. Kindly pass on the enclosed
information to your interested friends or who so ever you feel will be

We have limited seats (as our venu, the seminar room can only
accommodate 50 people comfortably), and very short time to register, so
please act promptly to avoid inconvenience.

Kindly circulate the enclosed information to the members on your
discussion list(s), if any..


Address for response is

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i have attended the seminar

Postby Qadri-409 » Sun Jun 20, 2004 8:30 pm

mahin bhai i have atteneded the seminar .
M Shahzad Qadri

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Postby zaeemarshad » Mon Jun 21, 2004 5:38 pm

can you post some details or anyone else. Mahin, have you got any round up on what was presented, some material??


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