Pluc Lahore Chapter Meeting Proposal

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I missed it too Shakeel

Postby moobi » Sun Sep 08, 2002 11:28 pm

hi fellows!
It was also a hard luck for me that I not able to reach back to lahore on time. It was really a golden chance to meet you guys. :cry:

any how I hope you ppls must have enjoyed the show.. please do let me know the proceedings. and i would like to ask the responsible person to kindly do not delay this much on the NEXT meeting as some time schedules are already tighten up for weeks..

did some body got the snaps ?? or meeting minutes or proceedings ?.. i am waiting for that..



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missed meeting

Postby red » Mon Sep 09, 2002 9:38 am


It was my first attendance in a PLUC meeting and have just joined this forum,was a very pleasant surprise the meeting was held in a very positive atmosphere ,acculades to Junaid/nauman for organizing it.

hmm minutes of the meeting,well following technical issues very discussed
the braket part is just a hint on what went on
1.Discussion on Lindows --->(bottom line its a mixture of windows and linux so if u want to learn stick to other flavours)
2.Discussion on thin clients --->(can get a bootrom/eprom from hallroad,hafeez center and ur up and running)
3.Discussion on winmodems--->( best is to use eisa slot modems if available :wink: )
4.Discussion on IPv6.
5.Discussion about tremu .
6.meeting will be held after every 15 days.
some usefull links

PS. the minutes are just my account nothing offical about it so if im wrong or didnt mention something bear with me :oops:
Hope Junaid or nauman can post something more credible

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