15 September Meeting Report ... !

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15 September Meeting Report ... !

Postby mrkkhattak » Wed Sep 18, 2002 10:32 am


On September 15th, PLUC Karachi had its regular monthly meeting, It was a nice & great meeting. We had a nice presentation by Mr. Ashar, some very important issues were discussed & we took some very important decisions too.

Meeting started at 3PM. First of all papers of Mr. Ashar's presentation ("Engarde Linux, A Secure Linux Distribution" the whole presentation would be available through LinuxPakistan.net web site very soon) were distributed among the ppl who were present. At around 4PM Mr. Ashar started his presentation. It was a nice almost half an hour presentation. Mr. Ashar did a very good job. After presentation, a general Q&A sesssion started regarding Engarde Linux. Which ended at almost 5PM.

After that, It was also decided that Mr. Farhan would give a presentation in our next month's meeting regarding "Migrating to OpenSource from MS Windows". He would be describing his experience in switching over [ in corporate envoirement with 70+ online users with their work needing interaction on daily basis with clients in many Countries using diverse systems ] to Open source. He will be talking from Pakistani prespective and will be offering advice/tips for those who are thinking about moving over to open source. His advice will make it more easy for others to follow the path he has taken.

PLUC Projects
Another big thing which happened at the meeting was the offical lanuch of PLUC's Projects with the following goals.

*To work on projects which we will need for launch of GNU/Debian
UrduLinux Distro. This will entail work on Urdu Editor, Support for Urdu at
console level, Installer for Urdu Distro and Translations.
*Apart from UrduLinux distro we will be identifying projects which students can select as their term projects and can be assured of guidence/help from PLUC appointed mentors.
*Mr. Zubair Hashmi will be posting the initial list of projects which are desirable and he is willing to act as mentor/guide for most of them with help from PLUC.
*Others are wellcome to suggest other projects which in their view are important either from UrduLinux prespective or from OpenSource/Linux promotion in Pakistan's prespective. Those willing to act as mentor/guide for any specific project are also strongly urged to volunteer their time to help students undertaking these projects as their term projects.

It was finally decided that PLUC will promote availability of most Linux distro and OpenSource software in local market . Based upon current price quotes [ mostly due to low volume ] the maximum retail price of PLUC CD shall be Pak Rs. 35.00 in Poly bag and Rs.40.00 each in Plastic cover [ aka Jewel Box ] plus postage/courier charges at actual.

Those in Karachi will have option of picking that from Rainbow center or from PLUC office at :
http://www.linuxpakistan.net/images/plu ... egular.png
While those out side Karachi may send in their request to CD@pakban.net direct till we make available all relevent information on-line.

Members are encouraged to persuade some CD vendors in their town
to stock these CD's and they should prefer those who can make local copies of these CD's on demand. This may result in lower cost to end user and more margin for their local CD vendors. Please remember we strongly encourage all efforts in local reproduction of CD's.

Our Maximum retail price is only to protect Linux users from higher prices, with guranteed availability of these CD's at PLUC any user can compare the total cost and make choice aout source of CD he/she wants to buy.

At present we have following:

1. Free BSD 4.6.2 on 2 CD's.
2. Slackware 8.1 on 1 CD.
3. Debian 3.0 RO on 7 CD's.
4. Mandrake 8.2 on 3 CD's.

Available from CD World Shop F-49 First Floor, Rainbow Center, but you need to give him order with payment and pick up next day.

Alternately send an email to CD@pakban.net if you want it deliverd
to you any where in Pakistan.

Our Monthly Meeting
Our Monthly meeting during November 2002 will be held on 17th
and it would be during Ramdan. As the clocks will move back to original
time during October, it was decided that the present time of 3.00pm
should be maintained.

Our October meeting shall be on 20th at 3.00pm.
Our November meeting shall be on 17th at 3.00pm.

Linux Install Festival
It was decided to hold a Linux install festival in Karachi at some Public place on 15th December 2002 instead of regular monthly meeting. During the festival the focus shall be upon increasing the awareness among general public at large [ not praticularly our current target of students ] about Linux and what benefits they can have by using this.

It was decided to invite all possible stake holders to be present during that festival [ Computer magzines, ISP's, Hardware vendors, Booksellers, etc. ] and to seek the coopration of local town adminisitration.

This will be the first true and proper Linux Install festival in Pakistan, which will be focused upon ordinary user rather then commputer professional.

Suggestion, proposals are invited from all.


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Postby kadnan » Wed Sep 18, 2002 1:13 pm

Well sorry that i coudn`t attend the meeting due to illness of my aunt and we had to go to see to her.
Well nice to read such healthy and constructive report and its damn kool that plucians took some nice decisions regarding linux promotion and projects
meraj! you didnt post the list of plucians who attended the meeting

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Postby fawad » Thu Sep 19, 2002 12:11 am

Any estimated headcount of the ppl at the meeting? Also, Do we have a record of physical (as in those who've showed up at least once) KHI members?

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15 September Meeting Report

Postby mahin » Thu Sep 19, 2002 8:50 am

Part of the record is with Asim/Zeeshan for earlier meetings have been thinking of collating same. Sorry for not doing that till now, will focus on this and get back to you as soon I can retrive records.

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Postby ashariqbal » Thu Sep 19, 2002 9:21 am

So we need some volunteers to help out at the Install Mela??? :lol:

CDs - I have also got a CD of Engarde Linux now, if anyone wants to try it out.


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Postby sqahmad » Fri Sep 20, 2002 4:55 pm


Sorry, I also couldn't attend the meeting. I was assigned evening shift on sunday, out of schedule. So all my plans for attending the meeting were ruined.

Are Pluc CDs available right now, or will be available?? Can those who have already placed their orders by email, get the CDs right away(from pluc office ). Or they should also place orders.

According the basit's issued list, Debian was in 5 CDs. And here i see that its on 7 CDs. What is the actuall count of CDs. Also WHAT kind of distro it is on 7 CDs.?:O.
Also you have only mentioned about distributions. What about documentation, and open source software CDs basit brought along. Aren't these available?.

Sorry for too many questions

Syed Qutubuddin Ahmad

Bilal Muddassir

Engarde LINUX CD

Postby Bilal Muddassir » Sat Sep 21, 2002 11:45 pm

Is it possible to add the Engarde Linux CD to the pool of CDs available through CD@pakban.net or other channels?

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Postby mahin » Mon Sep 23, 2002 8:25 am

I have already requested Ashar for a copy of Engarde Linux CD to include that into our collection, once received will inform through this forum.

CD's burnt by Fawad and carried by AbdulBasit never reached me. What we have is what was downloaded by one of our benefactor [ he knows who he is :) Thanks !! ] whom you may call an OpenSource Knight in Arms :) . Why there is difference in number of Debian CD's, have no idea :-(

I have sent messages to those whose contact I have, it would be better if any one interested please contact me at cd@pakban.net again. If you send me a mail at this address then rest assured you will receive reply.

About other three CD's no idea :-( when they will be available.

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Postby basit » Mon Sep 23, 2002 2:41 pm

Tariq sahib is right, cdd's i carried and i tried for long to get those cd's copied on a large basis, but seems like everyone that had those cd's make their own copy and result in damage of cd's , the cd's quality was not good enough also , so my mistake i should have better copied it before giving it to some shop .. anyway then i asked one of my friend bilal to download some distro, burn and give 'em to tariq sahib and that happened properly .. so you can get cd's from tariq sahib now .. as the cd's we copied by our self efforts(like java, documentation cd are gone ) as fawad deleted the iso's from his server and i don't have copy either. I don't know if murtaza was able to get it copied correctly ?

thanks !

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