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Open Source Developers

Postby Wouter » Thu Feb 01, 2007 1:40 pm

Dear All,

inGen is a young and dynamic company involved in highly technical software.
Our office is based in Islamabad.

We are constantly looking for enthusiastic software developers with excellent skills in Open Source technology. We want to get Linux-minded, Slashdot-reading, Torvalds-esque people, who know how to work fast and efficiently in Free Software environments.

We are independent of Microsoft. We are not interested in your experience with Word, Powerpoint or Excel. We want smart and fast people providing our company with development and analysis power in SQL, Python, PHP, Java, Perl, XML, CSS. We develop cross-platform and standards compliant web and stand-alone applications.

Being fluent in English or another European language is necessary as you will work closely with our team in Belgium and come directly into contact with our customers.

You will have to be able to work on your own, we want you to love deadlines and hard, well-rewarded work as is typical for young and dynamic environments.

We can guarantee you a lot of fun work, freedom of technology and many opportunities to expand your knowledge of today's information technology.

And please... send your resume in PDF...



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