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problem in installation of red hat 7.3 over prev copy of 7.3

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2002 12:57 pm
by sakbar

after some power fluctuations, my rh 7.3 was very much full with errors. Now i tried to remove all old partitions from 7.3 setup & install goes someway 35% & give sometime error on 1st cd & sometimes on 2nd cd that:

either iam on having much space, or my media is not working fine or the file on the media is not right.

i installed from this cd many times.

But later when i tried to install 7.2 on this machine it installed successfully but after reboot its not running also !!

plz tell me wat's the problem with it !! Is my hard disk in trouble !!


Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2002 1:43 pm
by newbie
as your bootloader is concern
boot from cd no.1 of rdehat 7.2 and at prompt type "linux rescue"
for rescue mode. and then
"chroot /mnt/syimage"
may be it will ask which partition to mount under "/mnt/syimage" in case of 2 linux partitions on drive. and if you only 1 parition of linux(except swap) then it will not ask.
and then "/sbin/lilo" and for grub "grub-install /dev/hdx"

when you want to replce your redhat linux with any other version of it go in diskdruid during installation and click on edit ,define mount point "/" on your old root partition. and choose to format it as ext2 or ext3.