Installing Mandrake 9 over RH 7.3/win98 partitioned system

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Installing Mandrake 9 over RH 7.3/win98 partitioned system

Postby sakbar » Thu Jan 09, 2003 12:42 pm


iam first time user of mandrake linux 9.
already have red hat 7.3 (LTSP) /win 98 partitions on my system.

can u suggest me which install option to use:

* Install on win98 partitions (resizing of partition) or
should i use the separate partition for it

* I have GRUB running, will it be overwritten by other boot loader??

* Do i have to manually configure grub to run manrdrake, or the
installation of Mandrake will fix this issue after install?



how to install the mandrake

Postby farhanksa-lhr » Fri Jan 10, 2003 3:06 am

its good if u use the seprate partition.
while installing if u chose to over write the loader which is at mbr then it will be over written. ther is an option while instalation either to write on the mbr or on the first sector of the partition on which os is going to be installed
u can configure the grub as u wish and u can also reinstall it if u like
vi /etc/grub.conf <-

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