ZAKI486 NODE with no pipes

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ZAKI486 NODE with no pipes

Postby zaki486 » Wed Jun 30, 2004 6:02 pm

Hi assalam alaikum kya haal hain Howz evry buddy?

i missed linux as i had an operation of my appendix problemo de` but ALHAMDULILLAH i`m fine now

how about you all bros and friendz

I have some of difficulties in running linux on static IP i.e My samba server accesses windowsXp easily but i have problem that it is too slow
i am using cross-over cables on 100 m/bps LAN only two nodez

other is that i cannot access my linux from my windowsXp browser i.e through network neighbourhood but can easily through telnet or FTP
i can log in and browse.

when i use CUPS for setting up a new printer so it is as defined in linux redhat 9`s guide that it will automaticly ahow that pc`s on network but it showz nothing execpt localhost

i have on that winxp server hp laserjet 1200 series which automatially installs

but how to add it through LPRng can any one help

how to make a net cafe setup on linux ?

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