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Postby alig » Fri May 16, 2003 1:55 pm

NEED HELP :shock: !!!!. i have 2 , 20 gb disks installed. divided into 3 partitions. C(9.53 Gb) contains win98. D(19Gb) contains XP and E(9.52 GB),contains a backup installation of win98, on startup i get an option to select XP or 98. i want to create a 6 Gb partiton from E and install mandrake on it. plz provide step by step instructions to do so.

and tell me is mandrake better than redhat for a home user.

And how can i run win98 from mandrake. i saw this on shots) plz help as soon as possible.

ALi :shock:

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Postby if » Fri May 16, 2003 2:58 pm


welcome... and be brave... and install any Linux Distribution (REDHAT or Mandrake or SuSE or Debain etc. etc.), it doesn't matter for beginner for which Dist. is good... they all not good... they are excellent... so... try any of them...

As far as partitioning is concerned... as u r new user to LINUX world... so i recommend use partition magic 7.0 or 8.0 to resize u'r E (partition) drive and in which 6GB u make free... leave it free... and then go ahead with installation of any LINUX distribution... and install Linux... Good Luck
if u find anything which shows my lack of knowledge,
please guide me... thx

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Postby sakbar » Sat May 17, 2003 2:01 am

well, mandrake installation gives u option of creating a separate parttition or use free space in ur windoz paritions, check out manrake site for more info. So my recommendation as newbie mandrake is the best choice !!

as for windows programs running u can use wine or check out "vmware for linux" @ which runs an entire windoz o/s from linux.. check out the site for more info on this. I tried it myself for quite a hilw for running linux under windows & vice versa.

best of luck


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Postby Faraz.Fazil » Sun May 18, 2003 11:55 pm

well IMHO redhat is the best distro.WHen dual booting os's make sure u use lilo or grub as the default boot loader.They will recognize all os's while in setup and will set their entries in the bootloader config.
If u plan a dual boot windows and linux system, always install windows first and linux later, so that alwayz lilo or grub comes as the bootloader.If you install windows after linux, it wont work.Rest is simple.

1.Install windows
2.Install any number of linux distros you like.

A sample combination:

2.Redhat Linux 9
3.Mandrake linux

Im running windows xp sp1 dual boot with redhat 9.

Running windows on linux is possible, but dual booting is much better.
Anywayz to run windows "On" linux, u need a software called vmware or win4lin.

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