X server isn`t coming up

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X server isn`t coming up

Postby kadnan » Mon Jun 02, 2003 2:52 am

i jus tinstalled rh9 ,first of all,i coudn`t select graphical mode option for Installation because it just displyed blank screen for 3/4 minutes,though it probed my Nvidia card well,i selected text mode installation went smooth but stil i coudn`t see X login screen,it kept showing blank screen at all


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Postby shaheryar786pk » Sat Jun 14, 2003 8:45 pm

Well Buddy, If you during or after installation, the screen becomes blank with nothing on, i.e. you don't even see Bash Prompt (console) then look carefully at your keyboard's CAPS-LOCK and SCROLL-LOCK lights. They must be blinking which means Linux Kernel Has Crashed and ther are rare chances of recovery. You have to Re-Install Linux. This typically happens due to Bad Hardware Detection/Initialization. Make sure your system is correctly probbed by the Kurdzu during Linux installation.

If it is not the case and you can see Bash Prompt on your secreen. then its rather easier. simplly logon as root and browse through the filesystem (using cd command) to the path /usr/X/bin/Xconfigurator. Run this progam, it will detect your Video Hardware, verify it. Then it will ask you to select resolution etc. Start from a Lower Resolution with Less Colors, click the Test button and see if you can see the picture. If so then move to a Higher Resolution with Higher Colors. Set it to the best possible and then complete Xconfigurator Wizard and then finally type reboot to reboot your computer safely. that's it. Next time it must come up with a GUI. :)
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for rh 9 u should use the command ...redhat-config-xfree8

Postby farhanksa » Sun Jun 15, 2003 1:52 am


but pls check the spelling of the command by using the tab key .....may be some mistake in the capital or small letters....
at the shell

if u have any other vga card change it if this command didnt worked and reconfigure the X for that vga using the same above command

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