Msn Messenger Voice chat problem using Linux network

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Msn Messenger Voice chat problem using Linux network

Postby imtiazahmad_khan » Mon Jun 23, 2003 8:37 pm

Dear members,
Resently i m facing a problem.
I have installed Red Hat Linux 7.2 as a server, and Win2000 server.
I m using Linux server as uploading and using squid for internet cache.
and i m using win2000 as downloading by using Downloaad card.
now we get downloads via dish and upload requests via Brainnet.

Now the main problem is that we can voice chat using msn on our this network easily.
i mean every user conected with this network can easily voice chat using msn messenger and send and receive files using msn messenger.

But when any user conected with this network try to use voice chat out of our network, he can't do this.
i mean when he try to voice chat with a user who is in an other city or country he can't voice chat with him nor he can send files to him using msn messenger.

if any body know this, then plz help me, how can i resolve this main problem on my network.

keeping in mind that i m not using DHCP, i manually assign ip address to all clients on my network.

Thankx in advance.
:?: :?: :? :( :( :( :(

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