PhpMyAdmin on Apache

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PhpMyAdmin on Apache

Postby arifniaz » Wed Jun 25, 2003 1:23 pm


I am using red hat linux 9 and apache server i also install an configure mysql on it.
Now i want to configure PhpMyAdmin on it. i run a simple .php (hello world ) scripts its working ok i place it in /usr/myphpfiles/

Similarly i put all the PhpMyAdmin files in the above mentioned directory but when i run the index.php

it give me error which is

cannot load MySQL extension,
please check PHP Configuration.

So kindly suggest what i have to do to run PhpMyAdmin

Thanks in Advance,


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Postby fawad » Thu Jun 26, 2003 2:10 am

Like the poor php compiler said, you don't have the php mysql extensions. On redhat, they have the names like php-??. So, the mysql extension package should be php-mysql-??.rpm. Install that, restart apache and test it again. For future reference consider keeping a file called phpinfo.php with the contents

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<?php phpinfo(); ?>

This page will dump out the current configs, and those of all the plugins and extensions of php that are installed.

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