VGA Driver Problum in Linux 9

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irfan samad
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VGA Driver Problum in Linux 9

Postby irfan samad » Mon Jul 14, 2003 2:03 am

i use Linux 7.3 on my P4 machine & i have SIS AGP card (SIS 300/305)
when i install Linux 9 they can't install & detect my VGA Driver.

if any solutiuos send me

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Postby Faraz.Fazil » Wed Jul 16, 2003 10:29 am

Did u get through the installation phase, or it shows the driver problem during the install.Did the setup probe for ur card and find it?
If nothing works, u may have to get a working driver module of ur vga for linux from the manufacturer's website.

Now we have two cases,

.If you are able to install linux 9 and the vga problem occurs during the os loading, then u can get a working driver module for ur sis card from the sis website or a driverguide website.YOu will have to place it in the bin dir and create a symbolic link to /etc/x11/x to point to that module


If you cant even install linux 9 and the error is seen during the install, then u need to get a linux driver disk that has supporting drivers for u sis card.

So What Is a Driver Disk Anyway?

A driver disk adds support for hardware that is not otherwise supported by the installation program. The driver disk could be produced by Red Hat, it could be a disk you make yourself from drivers found on the Internet, or it could be a disk that a hardware vendor includes with a piece of hardware.

There is no need to use a driver disk unless you need a particular device in order to install Red Hat Linux. Driver disks are most often used for non-standard or very new CD-ROM drives, SCSI adapters, or NICs. These are the only devices used during the installation that might require drivers not included on the Red Hat Linux CD-ROMs (or boot disk, if you created an installation boot disk to begin the install process).
Also u may try and see if u can use the standard x_xvga module with ur card.

SiS cards have been known to have compatiblity problems.

Try the steps i mentioned above, otherwise get another card.

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