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Re: ISA Server - connecting Linux box

Postby mahin » Wed Sep 17, 2003 10:07 am

Barlas I am writing this on a box connected through a Desi Cable Net and have been doing this for past one week :).

I am not using RED HAT 9 rather Vector Linux SOHO and another box RH 8.

You do not need to down load any thing.

What you should do is:

boot your machine and see if it is detecting the eth0 or not.
boot the machine under Windoze and see if you can connect DCN.

post here what you have found by doing above two thing only.

If your card is working fine when you boot under Win then there is no problem with hardware either.

I do not have RH 9 box now during testing of CD I did installed that on 3 different machine and had tested it for connecting with DCN also. I had to do nothing just specify the gateway machine number [ DCN server IP ] netmask, client IP [ number alloted by DCN ] and again mask. In browser [ Mozila ] just modified the connection selected proxy and mentioned the IP number. If your settings are correct in browser then you can dial any ISP and you will be connected yet will be unable to browse any site. If you can browse the Net then it should not work over DCN. If you can make it do both then consider your self a Guru :) not a newbie.

During boot up pay attention to the screen it will show one line about eth0 and at right end their should be { OK} if it says Failed then you have to do little bit of detection.

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Postby Faraz.Fazil » Thu Sep 18, 2003 6:42 am

Good info Mahin.


None of the drivers on realtek's website for 8029as would work.
For RTL 8029 (AS) u need to use the ne2k-pci module which can be loaded from /etc/modules.conf

Basically ne2k-pci is for NE 2000 PCI Clones and it works with RTL 8029 (AS)
The RTL 8139 is much better than RTL 8029(as)
For the 8139, they have the 8139.too file which does work well under linux.

But for rtl 8029 (as) , as i mentioned before, use the ne2k-pci module.

As stated,:
The following chips are supported by this ne2k-pci driver.

RealTek RTL8029 and RTL8029AS

Holtek HT80229 and HT80232
Via VT86C926 "Amazon"
Winbond 89C940

The 2.0.35 and later kernels include this driver in the kernel source distribution. You should use the driver version in your Linux distribution unless you need a specific feature in the updated driver.

That means, first of all check if your ethernet card is installed properly.

On some machines running redhat , 8029 (as) is configured by detault during the install to use ne2k-pci

Do a lspci and check the eth0 device entry in redhat-config-network to see if its already installed.

If its installed, then proceed to setting up the connection.Otherwise first install the ne2k-pci module and test it...then set the connection as described before.

Also check:

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Postby barlas » Mon Sep 29, 2003 9:30 pm

Thank you every one, I am posting this message from linux. Thnx again
Aqeel Zafar

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Postby Faraz.Fazil » Mon Sep 29, 2003 11:06 pm

Congrats & Well done!

ENjoy the internet on linux!
Linux for Life!

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