Weired Problem(using internet)

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Weired Problem(using internet)

Postby Mustafa » Fri Sep 05, 2003 5:15 pm

Hi. i hvave a strange problem. i was using lucent win modem. it was working alright but one day its stopped working...its a strange story although modem was instaled correctly and querying the modem also showing +ive but when i dial to my isp it used to connect at 45kbps. this was enought speed to browse the internet but i was unable to browse anything speeed was almost about 1kbps.i was curious and amzed by this situation so i thought that may be its bcoz of win modem . so after a few days i got a us robotics modem it was automatically configured(not like Lucen Win Modem:P) by linux redhat. i was happy that now i shall be connected to the internet from my linux box when i dial to my isp it connected at 115.5kbps(i was still happy.)..i opened the mozilla and try to open a website(still happ and curious) but it didnt work(i wasn't happy now). now as usual speeed was almost 1kbps and nothing was going to work . it was like internet isn't connected but i was connected . when i try o open anywebsite it always respond that couldnot reslove but whn i try to open my isp site although it was also not browsing but the thing i feel was that my connecton speeed was alomost 1 kbps but when i try to browse the isp site it increases by 15kbps but nothing working still...please if any one has any suggestion reply to my post.
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keep in mind that u cant have continuous 56kbps or 7KB

Postby farhanksa » Fri Sep 05, 2003 8:01 pm

keep in mind that u cant have continuous 56kbps or 7KB on dial up analog modem..
u said that u can open the isp site fastly which mean that ur mdoem is working fine.....
then problem may be at the router of the isp htye may have conjession..bottle neck... when it happes then u shold try to connect using win and see the speed..

the omly possilbe cause is the low speed at isp end

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Postby Faraz.Fazil » Sun Sep 07, 2003 3:31 pm

Since you are able to browse the isp's website without any problem on lnux, therefore most probably the problem lies on your isp's end.Check it out with them.Also check if u have the same problem on windows or not.

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