SquidGuard problem

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SquidGuard problem

Postby telenor » Fri Nov 02, 2007 1:47 pm


I install SquidGuard, its stop all the sites that define in blacklists & redirect too.

But when i run "#tail -f /var/log/squidGuard.log"

It shows the following msg.
no ACL matching source, using default

Remember squid is running in transparent mode.

My squidGuard.conf is follow:

dbhome /var/squidGuard/blacklists
logdir /var/log/squid

src LAN {

dest adult {
domainlist blacklists/porn/domains
urllist blacklists/porn/urls
expressionlist blacklists/porn/expressions

dest ads {
domainlist blacklists/ads/domains
urllist blacklists/ads/urls

dest audio-video {
domainlist blacklists/audio-video/domains
urllist blacklists/audio-video/urls

dest spy {
domainlist blacklists/spyware/domains
urllist blacklists/spyware/urls

acl {
default {
pass !in-addr !adult !ads !audio-video !spy any
redirect 302:http://darsequran.com

How can i solve this?
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Postby lambda » Fri Nov 02, 2007 2:32 pm

telenor wrote:How can i solve this?
i have no idea!
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