problem in modem installation

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problem in modem installation

Postby usmanmalik » Fri Oct 10, 2003 12:05 am

Hey guys

I have a little problem in installing the modem. I hope you people will try to help me. I have a

internal modem of Intel. It can support the linux because there is driver of linux in its driver cd. In its

readme.txt file the installation process is also written but i am not able to understand it. The installation

process written in the readme.txt file is,

1- root access

2- bash shell to run install scripts

3- kernel source for the kernel you are running /usr/src/linux must symbolically point to this source

for the makefiles to work.

4- extract the archive into a directory with "tar -xvf <archivename>.tgz"

5- cd into the directory it created.

6- type make clean

7- type make all

8- type make install

please explain it completely especially line no 3 ,4 & 5.


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Postby outstream » Fri Oct 10, 2003 3:09 am


I`ll try to give explanations of ur steps, as possible

1. you have to login as a root.

2. bash shell is there by default, just run the terminal window and u`ll have it, i hope.

3. this step means u must have the source of the kernel u r running, simple :)..i assume ur using Red Hat 9, as it is the only wildly available distribution of Linux in Pakistan. The default kernel of Red Hat 9 is 2.4.20-8 or 2.4.20-9 or something like that. now u should go to your /usr/src directory. there u`ll see some more directories. in those directories there will be directory of ur kernel by name linux-2.4.20-8 (supposing ur kernel is 2.4.20-8) and another directory will be there having a green arrow on it. that is the symbolic link to ur kernel directory.

4. from ur drivers cd copy the drivers file i.e filename.tgz to /root, run the terminal and type cd /root. after this it`ll show u that u r in /root directory. now run command tar -xvf <archivename>.tgz

for example if the archieve name is intelmodemdrivers.tgz, u should run it as tar -xvf intelmodemdrivers.tgz

5. now it has extracted all the files in the archieve to directory by same name. for example if the archieve name was intelmodemdrivers.tgz. after running that tar command it has now created another folder with the same name in /root.

now type cd /foldername , if we continue with our supposition about archieve`s name it should be like cd /intelmodemdrivers.

this will take u to the directory and now ur cursor will be like
[root#localhost intelmodemdrivers]

steps 6, 7 & 8 r already self explanatory, i hope u wont have any difficulty in them.

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