Upgrading RH7.2 to 2.6 Kernel

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Upgrading RH7.2 to 2.6 Kernel

Postby asaf » Wed Apr 14, 2004 8:02 pm

Anyone experience upgrading RedHat 7.2 stock kernel to 2.6? Any tips would be helpful.
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Postby jargon » Wed Apr 14, 2004 11:16 pm

its just like any kernel upgrade, you have to read the docs under the Documentation/ directory, esp. README, there will be a list of software packages you must upgrade before attempting to compile/install the kernel.

Read that first,
upgrade those packages,
get the 2.6 source code,
use Faraz's guide on this board (search for it) on how to compile a kernel
then repost if you have problems or visit #linuxpakistan on irc.freenode.net

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Postby farhantoqeer » Thu Apr 15, 2004 9:17 am

i did, nothing worthy to mention here, just go for it.
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Postby LinuxFreaK » Sat Apr 17, 2004 12:20 am

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