two question on serial communication

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two question on serial communication

Postby zeenix » Fri Jun 27, 2003 1:29 am

Hi everyone

(1) They say that minicom is the linux equivalent of HyperTerminal. But so far i havent been able to use minicom for my purpose but hyperterminal. Actually i am booting my kernel on another machine with option console=ttyS0... can anyone tell me whats so special with minicom?

(2) I am also trying to create a poin-to-point network between the 2 computers through the same serial line. From some howtos i got the idea that i only need these two commands:

slattach -p cslip -s 9600 /dev/ttyS0 &
ifconfig sl0 pointopoint up


ifconfig sl0 pointopoint up

on the other PC.

everything seems to be fine till these commands but when i try to ping the other computer or viceversa i get an error like ".. timed out, bad link?..". Note that the serial ports and the cable are working perfectly well.
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aoa i had tried to lap link 2 pc but cannot

Postby farhanksa » Sat Jun 28, 2003 1:25 am


i had been trying to laplink 2 pc with serial ports but i cannot do that .. and also didnt worked much after the cable was working fine in win envioument which assures that cable is fine..till then no success.. i think we r not doing proper configuration

good luck and i also research again on it

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