Hwoto VPN/ PPTP/PPEO Server

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Hwoto VPN/ PPTP/PPEO Server

Postby zaib » Thu Feb 21, 2008 5:59 pm

Salam to all LP members,

I am running internet cable setup.
Currently My setup is as follows.

Users ===> Linux Bridge (with dhcp)===> ISA SERVER 2004

I am filtering users via there MAC Addressess, DHCP is running on bridge, and only allowed macs gets the valid fix ip (with mac to ip check script).
if valid mac is in allowed list, he gets the valid fix ip and pass on to ISA Server, But this security have a hole that if any cheater copies the mac of valid user, he can get access to the server.

Now to prevent this I want to setup VPN Server on LINUX. but i am a bit confused to setup what ? VPN PPTP ? PPOE ? whats the difference between them ? and wht is best for my setup ? is there any simple step by step guide is available for this ?

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Postby kbukhari » Fri Feb 22, 2008 10:19 am

PPTP = Point to Point Tunneling Protocol.
PPPoE = Point to point Protocol over Ethernet.

See PPTP is tunnel Protocol which mean for ease of understanding you can say its VPN and PPPoE is not a VPN and it will use direct Ethernet connectivity to to connect to the server.

More: VPN required server IP address for shackhand but in case of PPPoE you wont be in need to use any server ip for shackhand/connectivity.
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