libCURL !!

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libCURL !!

Postby digitalsurgeon » Wed Dec 17, 2003 8:09 pm

AoA !

guys i'm thinking of starting a little linux project of my own, & i'm thinking of writing a download accelerator, modeled after DAP 5.0 on the windows os, i'm planning to use wxWindows for the UI, but the main question that i'm facing is that i want to use libCURL ( )

now i'm not that very experienced in curl !! i'm thinking of using the multi interface of curl ! but i need your views and ideas and criticism that u can throw !!! but please keep it use full !

and yeah the easy interface of curl is out of the question ...
and i don't want to use raw sockets, but i might if i don't have any other choice ... !

and u guys remember that GTK File Dialog that i once mentioned ? yeah i wrote that for this project, since i wanted my app to b very userfriendly and stuff !! :) so any gr8 :idea: any one ??

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