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Postby masud » Fri Oct 29, 2004 12:18 am

RAMZAN mubarak :)

i need help in Local Network Management System

what kind of help?
well truly i am making this stuff on a single PC :( , so i need ur help. I am not saying donate ur PCs LOL, I am about to give you my LNMS overview and you hav to add or suggest or whatever u like in responce. :)

Y i am making it?
one of my final project for MIT :) and also for my open source cataloug


lnms is for cable operators/administators and its look to me more tuff then ISP billing software (RADIUS). I am working on following stuff!!!

1) PHP as front end aplication, including options!
i) user management.
ii) MAC controlling.
iii) Bndwidth controller.
iv) Logs viewer ( logging every activity of user and admin).
v) firewall ( file extension blocker).
vi) Usage logs
vii) message to admin.

2) MySQL ( wid add PostgreSQL as well).

3) linux module for MAC controlling.

4) C progies for calculation and updating user info. and disconnecting users,

5) C prog for calculating users data transfers in and out. and generating usage GRAPHS. and shifting previous data to DataBase.

6) I was creating a module to calculate bits in and out ( each users seperately with /proc fs , and ioctl but that was bit hard , but thanks GOD i got that PCAP programming so i am using that now.

7) Bandwidth controlling ( i love to use my own stuff but for this i have to use iproute2 :( )

8 ) Extension block ===> simple module to catch and drop given extension connection. :)

9) fping ===> if i get time i will use my own MASS pinger but this utility to check user is still present or not.

soon PHP section of my LNMS will be available on my site to check n view,
so what you say, what i m missing :)
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Postby soni » Fri Oct 29, 2004 4:01 am

Hey masud this is soni, just visited the homepage of your Local Network Management System and I think I too am working on such a system, please do visit this link ......

I would suggest that we better join forces and both work on the same project, otherwise
there'll be two Local Network Management Systems :)

and by the way I work with three computers.


ps. other then this project I'm working on these projects too....
HTTP/1.x server
SMTP server
sqlite file reader
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Postby masud » Fri Oct 29, 2004 10:47 am

ya sure but you haven't mentioned what you are up to. and what things you have planed for your LNMS, I am taking this stuff as a life time project, an gonna be my first open source complete project. you are lucky you got 3 computer. I have to go to my university to test even a tiny stuff :).
An as far as joining forces is concern, I just left with iproute2 implimentaion. so no hard work left,
I saw ur nice shots in ur website :).

but do mention your LNMS contents that will be helpfull for me. :)

future plans:
php programming for
a bunch of security tools( including local IDS, and funny promiscuous
mode stuff)
An designing a secure protocol for local network.
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Postby lambda » Mon Nov 01, 2004 2:39 pm

can you post that again, in english?

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Postby masud » Mon Nov 01, 2004 11:58 pm

Look i tried :) sorry for my short hand LOL

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