Downlink, need help...!

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Downlink, need help...!

Postby wazim4_u » Tue Jul 19, 2005 12:35 pm


I have been using DSL 256K "Cable Internet Service" the internet users are now up to 35 " they are getting good speed yet through my squid proxy server. In next two month the Users will be up to 100 so i decided to use DSL as uplink and get Downlink about 1Mbit, I need help to how can i configure it in Linux box? Do i need any help from ISP (DSL). Whatever way it is possible please give me an idea how to configure it.

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Re: Downlink, need help...!

Postby lambda » Tue Jul 19, 2005 4:09 pm

unless your dsl isp is providing you with the downlink, no, you don't need help from them.

most likely you'll end up with a pci card in a pc to talk to the satellite. ideally, the box will run linux, and squid will run on it. to make things work, you'll just need one ip address from the downlink company (assigned to the squid box). you might even be able to use your current proxy machine as the downlink.

in some cases, the downlink people will give you a preconfigured pc, or they'll give you a card that won't work with linux. in that case, you'll need to get at least two ips from them -- one for the downlink box (running windows, perhaps), and one for the squid box.

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