Running Widows Application on Linux

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Postby lambda » Thu Sep 01, 2005 2:02 pm

Anjum Butt wrote:Although I love Python, its not something that you are going to use in your proprietory projects, because its an interpretive language.
Opensource projects are fine with python.

you can give out .pyc and .pyo files, and you can also use py2exe. sure, the code can be decompiled, but so can java classes.
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Re: about wine installation

Postby » Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:25 pm

mahin wrote: wrote:...... its hard to me learn java or pythn. because my client give me only 1 moth for develop and deliver the software.

Depending upon your needs there is commercial option, no need to learn /re-code it will cost Rs. 6000.00 - Rs.25000.00 approx, advantage of spending this amount will be your VB application will work on Win + Mac + Linux. If your client is unwilling to pay you enough to cover the additional cost then follow any solution suggested above. Prices I have quoted are list price, there is chance that we can persuade them for discount, contact me direct if you are interested.

Dear mahin,

i think u talk about RealBasic.
if i am not succed in to run my software on linux. then my last option is java. then i need a java developer.


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