Trunk Call Setting in Zaptel channel

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Trunk Call Setting in Zaptel channel

Postby numan82 » Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:44 pm

Hi to All,
Love to them who's help me! :)
I've setup TrixBox 2.0, I configured the locals soft phones and each phone can talk to each others.
Now its time to setup the Zap Trunk.

I am having X101 Clone card as FXO card
Plugged the PSTN line into line port.
My PSTN info are
country code: 92 (Pakistan)
Area code: 051-(Islamabad)
Ph #: 2110136
When I dialed my numebr from cell phone,The Trunk Zap 1 on FOP Gives out Red and shows Calling. This indicate the Zaptel is fine but I need to tune Trunk call setting and than inbound route so that I can play the IVR over it.
How can I set up this info into the Trunk Call setting and than how to configure the inbound route.
Please help me
Best regards
Numan Khan
Numan Khan

Atif Kamal
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Trunk Call Setting in Zaptel channel

Postby Atif Kamal » Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:51 am

For start :

1. Login into web interface, Click on "asterisk" then choose "freepbx" click on "setup" to go on Setup page.
2. From left side menu choose "IVR" under "inbound call control"
3. Click on "Add IVR" to hire a operator without salary.
3.1 enter the name of operator at "change name" so you can link some other time if required.
3.2 Under the "announcement" drop down select anouncement you want to play when call is received (you have to record this anouncement prior to use under "system recordings" or upload recorded files)
4. in "options" you can control inbound call to forward to any extension or any other "operator" (like ivr menus)

Finally choose "Inbound Routes" click on "any DID/any CID" if available other wise click "add incoming routes"

on the bottom most of this page in "set destination" click radio button IVR and select the name of your new hired operator :)

done !

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