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Great Discussion!

Postby securitykid » Tue Oct 23, 2007 10:08 am

Hi Guys,

Sorry! for jumping in... seems like the proposed solution for PPPOE will allow the original requester an Authentication truss with particular IP and allow matching user to access an internet(resource). (Somehow, what he wanted to achieve).

By the way for me NoCATAuth is the solution that is exactly what he requested:


I want to ask that if two guyz using same MAC Address and only one should be allowed to use the internet from the Server, how can i do this.

Like one guy on my network has somehow managed to change the MAC Address of his LAN card. Now is there any way to stop him from using internet.

IP's are given by DHCP Server. Using a MAC Address base firewall posted here . And using Squid Proxy Server

Looking forward for some help.
Kind Regards
Mudasir Mirza
Crystal Net Communications

Using NoCatAuth, he can get same as PPPOE, Authentication truss with particular IP BUT on top of it he can truss MAC Address (although a little complicated configuration then PPPOE)

By the way through this post my intension is to share knowledge and proposed the solution, NOT to comment! I hope you understand :)


Muhammad Islam
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Postby x2oxen » Sun Oct 28, 2007 8:54 pm

Why dont you go for ppp0e server for this purpose??? safe and secure..
Muhammad Usman
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