strange network problem.

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strange network problem.

Postby azfar » Wed Mar 18, 2009 5:22 pm

My vmware server host is windows 2003 and my vmware server version is 1.0.5. I have a guest installed on it which is centos 5.1. Guest vmware tools version is 1.0.5 so obviously it is outdated then server and server inform me that your vmware tools version is outdated.

Now the problem is that everything was running fine but from few days I have a very strange network problem. After every few sec/min guest cutoff from network (ping timeout) and some times it come back but some times the outage is infinite and the only way to come back on network is if some one create new session with it or just even ping the guest or if I ping from guest to some one else.

I even tried the backup copy of vm (guest) and change my host (machine) but problem persist and I am totaly clueless about the root of problem. I gues its related to vmware but still not sure.

Any ideas?
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